Thursday, 3 June 2010

'Featured' - Jo Angell | Chelsea Flower Show Canopy - Gold Medal Winner!

We recently worked with Jo Angell to cut this amazing plywood and polypropelene bespoke canopy for Jo Thompson for the Thrive’s charity show garden at this Years Chelsea flower show. The garden won a Gold Medal and a Best Urban Garden award! Well done Jo!!

More info on the project can be found on Jo's web
and on flickr.
images ©JoAngell2010

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

'Featured' - Chau Har | Womenswear fashion.

Q & A: What element of design do you and / or your company operate within?

Womenswear Fashion: Footwear

Who is typically your client base or customer?

I have a footwear label in high end luxury and conceptual footwear. I also work as a freelance footwear designer and consultant as well as teach shoe making and design at Prescott and Mackay and London College of Fashion.

What did you use C02 technology for fabrication with cutlasercut?

I used cutlasercut to have the pieces of my shoes laser cut. As part of my MA work I developed a range of footwear that uses a mixture of materials and processes. My designs have included laser cut perspex and wooden pieces.

Why did you choose to use cutlasercut over other similar services?

I tried various other services and found that cutlasercut were really accommodating, understanding of what I needed as well as being flexible with time. I will work out the patterns in my studio then deliver it cutlasercut on a USB stick. I usually stay while the pieces are being cut, it's great to watch it all happen while having a chat with Joan and Jamie.

How do you rate the capabilities of our machines in relation to your needs, and how do they compare to other c02 laser services used?

So far I have been most happy with cutlasercut services compared to other services in terms of efficiency, support and them accommodating my deadlines. I have felt happy to approach Joan and Jamie with other materials to test and they have willingly offered advice

Did cutlasercut contribute to your understanding of the technology, and if applicable did we help to expand your ideas opportunities for C02 laser production with us in the future?

Yes, cutlasercut have been extremely informative about the technology which has given me a much better understanding of how the technology works and what the possibilities are. I feel excited and more confident to experiment using the machinery they have, also knowing that I am able to ask for help from the guys.

Many thanks to Chau Har
| Images 03 and 04 credited to Sylvain Deleu 05, 06 to George Ong.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The 5th dimensional camera for Superflux LTD

We recently laser cut and engraved the control panel for this absolutely amazing piece of kit for Anab Jain, Director, Superflux Ltd . Read more about the '5th dimensional camera' here.

All images courtesy of Anab Jain

Thursday, 25 February 2010

'Featured' - Andy Huntington | Interaction Design.

Every month, we will focusing on a designer, studio or company that we have recently worked with. This month we are featuring a project carried out for Andy Huntington, an interactions designer.

Andy works as an independent interaction designer and usually focuses on software and hardware prototyping. His typical client bases are internal research departments and small product development studios.

Laser cutting is used widely for prototyping parts for interaction design projects .Our Epilog Legend EXT can cut sub tolerances of .001" which makes it an idea tool for quick and precise component fabrications.

“I've used CLC for cutting prototype parts for model making but most recently I’ve cut a series of unique data generated Christmas decorations for the Really Interesting Group. For Christmas 2009 the Really Interesting Group wanted to create a gift comprising a series of 4 unique decorations based on each recipient’s use of the Flickr, Dopplr, and Twitter. "

For this project named ‘Datadecs’ we produced 3 of the 4 decorations.

Flickr - shows the distribution of aperture values used in the photographs since 1st Jan 2009. - these are the number of scrobbles submitted to per month for 12 months starting in October 2008. The results can be read from top to bottom.

Dopplr - each drip from the cloud on the dopplr decoration is the number of miles traveled in a particular month.

Andy produced all the artwork for cutting using unique data collection techniques and supplied his own specification of perspex all ready to cut. We run a series of tests to demonstrate the capabilities of our machines, and to achieve the necessary result required.

“Supplying artwork was really easy. Then I went round, watched a test cut and when we were happy we cut the final pieces.”

We tested a series of engraving technique with different font points to demonstrate the detail in which we could engrave. We were able to engrave the smallest size of font required.

We asked Andy why he chose to work with us for this project:

“Convenience, cost and ability to try new things. Oh, and the fact they're round the corner, they advised on an approach to minimize the cutting paths, thus the cutting time, thus the cost.”

Special thanks to Andy Huntington and The Really Interesting Group.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

'Featured' - our new monthly blog section puts the spotlight on designers who we work with.

At the start of March we will be launching our Monthly 'featured' blog section which will focus on a designer or creative company we have worked with during the previous month.

First up will be the interaction designer - Andy Huntington....

Friday, 19 February 2010

Cutlasercut recently 'cut' the ceiling hangings for the cool independant publishing platform NOBROW. The pieces were cut from card and lined up with screen printed details.

Installed in the Jaguar shoes bar for the launch of the new 'NOBROW2 THE JUNGLE'. Great magazine and great illustrators. Check out their new work!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Cutlasercut recently won the OUTSTANDING NEW BUSINESS AWARD at the 2009 ECCA creative enterprise week.

ECCA hosted the first Creative Enterprise Awards at the University of the Arts London to launch Enterprise Week 2009 on 16 November 2009.

The prize catergories included Successful freelancer, OUTSTANDING
NEW BUSINESS, most enterprising project and Making money from your
creativity competition - artwork. Sponsors included: Global enterprise week, Jotta, the Hospital The new deal of the mind, The Cube, Consurgo.

See our web and the ECCA website for more details: